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ESA News  - 2011

 ESA Latest News November 2011.Download
 Open positions at ESA secretariat (october 2011).Download
 Common statement of ESA and COPA Presidents, Brussels, 15.7.2011.Download
 ESA Latest News July 2011.Download
 ESA Latest News - 2011.07.15 - Hungary orders massive destructions of maize fields in which AP/LLP of GMOs is suspected. July 2011.Download
 ESA Latest News - 2011.06.28 - Europe finally accepts its dependence on imports. EU Commission adopts rule that allows low level of GMOs to be present in feed imports to avoid supply shortages and rising pressure on agricultural prices June 2011.Download
 ESA Latest News June 2011.Download
 ESA ETP Conference May 2011.Download
 ESA Latest News May 2011.Download
 ESA Latest News April 2011.Download
 GM Testing Obligations for Seed Imports to Hungary TO BE POSTPONED TO 1.1.2012.Download
 ESA 2011 Annual Meeting Invitation 2011.Download
 ESA Latest News March 2011.Download
 ESA Latest News February 2011.Download
 ESA Members: Call for Candidatures for membership in ESA CIPR(Committee of Intellectual Property and Breeders Rights)  Deadline 09.03.2011 2010.Download
 ESA Latest News January 2011.Download
 01.02.2011 ESA - Latest News - UK report on the “Future of Farming”.Download
 31.01.2011 ESA - attached you will find a to WTO notification from the Ukraine regarding a new sampling and testing obligation for seed imports of agricultural plant species as regards presence of GMOs.Download

      ESA annual meeting 2010

ESA News  - 2010

 14.12.2010 ESA - POSITION on presence of EU-approved GMOs in seed. Download
 14.12.2010 Decision in Broccoli and Tomato cases: No European patents for essentially biological breeding processes. Download
 11.12.2010 Decision of the Enlarged Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office in Broccoli / Tomato cases. Download
 02.12.2010 ESA position on the future seed marketing legislation. Download
 Latest News ESA ESA integrates the Eastern European Seed Network. Download
 EESNET members accepted full integration of EESNET into ESA (meeting in Bratislava, May 2010.)Download
 New EU policy on GMOs and ESA reaction.Download
 European Seed Treatment Assurance Status and next steps.Download
 ESA Better Regulation. Better Regulation – State of Play of the Evaluation & Upcoming Coordinated ESA Activities.Download
 ESA Latest News 15 Nov.Download
 ESA Latest News October 2010.Download
 ESA Code of conduct Forage seeds.Download
 ESA Newsletter September 2010.Download
 ESA the priorities for the EU Plant Health Conference of 28.09.2010 . Download.
 ESA the draft minutes from the last Board meeting 09.09.2010. Download.
 ESA Questionaire Download. We provide input to decision makers in the European Commission as well as on national level as regards the research and development priorities for the seed sector in the years to come.
 ESA_10.0834 The evaluation of the Community Plant Variety Rights system (the basic Regulation (EC) No. 2100/94 and its implementing measures).Download
 ESA Newsletter August 2010.Download
ESA 2010 Annual Meeting Invitation Download.   ESA 2010 Annual Meeting Draft Programme DownloadESA  Open invitation to the conference "Towards a new EU plant health law" on  28 September 2010  Download.
 ESA Newsletter July 2010.Download
 ESA Newsletter June 2010.Download
 ESA Biodiversity And Plant breeding.Download
 EU Green Week: Biodiversity – our lifeline Brussels 1 – 4 June 2010.Download
 ESA Newsletter May 2010.Download
 20.05.2010 The final version of the minutes of the last ESA Board meeting.Download
 19.05.2010 Position - Access to Plant Genetic Resources and Intellectual Property in the European Union, Plant Variety Protection based on the UPOV Convention, and Protection of Biotechnological Inventions based on Directive 98/44/EC.Download
 19.05.2010 Position on the Reflection document on the problem definition and options for review of the EU legislation on the marketing of Seed and propagating material (S&PM).Download
 ESA_10.0414 Newsletter April 2010.Download
 COMMISSION DIRECTIVE 2010/21/EU of 12 March 2010 amending Annex I to Council Directive 91/414/EEC as regards the specific provisions relating to clothianidin, thiamethoxam, fipronil and imidacloprid.Download
 ESA Latest News 03.03.2010 (GMO).Download
  EU Commission approved BASF’s GM starch potato Amflora;Download
 ESA_10.0414 Newsletter March 2010.Download
  ESA_10.0223 Newsletter 2010 (GMO).Download
  ESA_10.0212 Newsletter February 2010.Download
 LATEST NEWS on the outcome of the EU Plant Health Conference of 23-24 February 2010.Download
 For your information, below you will find an article that appeared in EURACTIV (by Reuters) and which is based on a number of interviews that were done as a follow-up to the De Hague Conference on GMOs.Download
 ESA register for the Joint Meeting of WGPH and Commission Expert Working Group of Chief Officers for Plant Health through European Associations. The new deadline is Friday,5 February 2010. Download
 ESA_10.0070 Newsletter January 2010 22-12-09 Download
 All the MEPs (Member of the european Parliament) who are active in ENVI (Environment, Public Health and Food Safety), AGRI (Agriculture and Rural Development), IMCO (Internal Market and Consumer Protection), ITRE (Industry, Research and Energy) and INTA (International Trade). . Download
 The ESA website has been updated with the LATEST NEWS on the conclusions of the Speciality Crops and “Minor Uses” Conference of 4 November 2009.
 Agenda of the meeting of 01 February 2010 of the EU Standing Committee on Seeds. Download

ESA News  - 2009


 ESA_09.0970 Newsletter December 2009 22-12-09 Download  ESA_09.0979 Raport OGM  December 2009 Download
 ESA_09.0919 Newsletter November 2009 01-12-09 Download
 ESA_09.0843 Newsletter October 2009 02-11-09 Download
 ESA_09.0750 Newsletter September 2009 05-10-09 Download
 ESA_09.0636 Newsletter July / August 2009 01-09-09 Download
 ESA_09.0418 Newsletter May / June 2009 07-07-09 Download
 ESA_09.0353 Newsletter April 2009 06-05-09 Download
 ESA_09.0271 Newsletter March 2009 09-04-09 Download
 ESA_09.0191 Newsletter February 2009 13-03-09 Download
  ESA_09.0088 Newsletter January 2009 05-02-09 Download


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